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African Away is a service helps users find African events, businesses, products, services and daily deals in cities around the world.

Why African Away was created

There is a huge need for information on African businesses, events, products and services by various Africans living in diaspora. When we, the founders of African Away, arrived in Germany about 9 years ago, we were hit by the reality of not being able to quickly find African food markets which sold our favourite Nigerian food recipes or Nigerian barbershops where we were guaranteed to get the sort of fresh haircuts we were accustomed to back in Nigeria.

We found that the problem was the insufficient online presence of such African businesses in Germany, Europe and the diaspora at large. To find them, one had to rely on word-of-mouth referrals or take a walk downtown and hoped to luckily stumble upon one of them. Of course it was possible to use one of the several large search engines out there but the problem with this approach was that the search results often included "noise" - results which had nothing to do with the original search intent.

In the last few years we hoped for the development of an internet service which exclusively listed, managed, processed and recommended up-to-date, reliable information about all sorts of African businesses and events to Africans living abroad. We hoped that this internet portal would be technically on par with other advanced web services and provide search engine capabilities which always returned the most relevant results - results which were exclusively about African products, services, businesses and events in diaspora. Finally we hoped that such a portal would help bring online many of the obscure but thriving and promising African businesses in the backstreets of Europe and the diaspora.

We decided to do less hoping and more "acting". Using the unique expertise we acquired and honed over the years, working as programmers, we've built a platform that intends to fulfil those hopes.
It is a platform built to aggregate and display all viable African and Africa-related businesses and events all over the world.

Since it will be virtually impossible for our team (especially without a monster budget) to scour the globe to gather all the information we need, our platform has been built with crowdsourcing in mind. This means anyone can add or edit businesses they own or care about.

To protect against bogus, misleading or incomplete information, we have ensured that "the crowd" has the power to moderate entries in the system.

You can "upvote" (thumbs up) or "downvote" (thumbs down) at your discretion. Entries which have votes below a minimum threshold immediately get deactivated and do not show up either in search results or elsewhere on the website until they've been reviewed by the site administrators internally. We are confident, this tried and trusted system will help keep our information relevant and fresh.

Everyone is also able to rate and provide reviews of businesses or R.S.V.P and comment on upcoming events. Events/Businesses with more votes, reviews and higher ratings appear higher up in the search results as well as on the city/country pages.

City/Country pages list businesses and upcoming events for either a city or a country. For example, the berlin city page lists all businesses and upcoming events in Berlin, Germany.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have more in the works. Make sure to check out our blog from time to time or follow us on twitter, @africanaway, to keep track of the latest developments.


African Away was 100% handmade by Damilola and Charles in Berlin, Germany.

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