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Posted by Oonah on March 3, 2013

Hey y’all!
For alla y’all you haven’t heard of Iyanya (Iyanya?Who’s he?), this is the Nigerian singer who brought us the hit single “Kukere” and made the Etighi dance popular. He is from Cross River state in Nigeria.

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Posted by Oonah on September 23, 2012

This interview has us speaking to a Diaspora-African in Ukraine,Osarumen Izevbokun.

A very interesting conversation with some unexpected insights from Osa.We've got loads of laughs as well!!! :)

Viva l'Afrique!!

Posted by Oonah on September 6, 2012

Hi every one!

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Westwood is a highly respected British DJ based in London. He has his own show on which he features only the popular and influential artistes of the day. As a rapper or singer, IF you have not made it on to the Tim Westwood show, you haven’t really arrived on both the UK and international music scene.
Tim Westwood is an institution in the music industry and to appear on his show is a rite of passage for musicians from all over the world.
In this blog edition we are going to highlight 7 Africans who have made it on to his show and shown their skills in free styling sessions.

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Posted by Oonah on July 30, 2012

Hey everyone!!

One thing I know about Africans is that they DO NOT MESS WITH THEIR FOOD!!!! (Lol)

Seriously though,whenever Africans leave their home country for another one,the first thing they do is seek out some “home food”. They are greatly distressed when they are unable to satisfy the need for “home food”.

This blog post is prompted by the memory of my last trip to the continent, Nigeria to be precise, and the gusto with which I guzzled different types of delicacies found there. I took pictures and uploaded to my Facebook page and also tagged my poor friends who were far away from home, the sole aim of which was to torment them (hehehehehehe).

So this is just some of the food items I took photos of that I personally ate ?
Let this remind us all of the good things about being at home.

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Posted by Oonah on July 29, 2012

This is the second part in the series where we are highlighting Diaspora-Africans who are representing different countries other than their indigenous ones.

As I said in the blog before this, the aim of doing this is to honor these sportsmen and women for their hard work and ability to participate in such a high-profile sporting event.

As we all know, being nominated to represent any country at the Olympics is, in itself, an acknowledgment of a person’s capabilities and only comes as a result of arduous and consistent training.

A great big "well done" to these sports men and women. Their names, sporting categories and countries are listed below with pictures.

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Posted by Oonah on July 27, 2012

So, it’s just a couple of days to the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic games and most people around the world are watching the events leading up to the beginning of the games.

I had written a different blog about the British Olympic uniforms which were designed by Stella McCartney and I noticed that two of the British Olympic team had distinctively African names: Phillips Idowu and Christine Ohuruogu. That got me thinking and so I decided to check out the entire British Olympics team and highlight all the sports men and women who had distinctively African names. The focus on the nature of the names seems more expedient, as opposed to highlighting sports men and women of color (seeing as they might be from the Caribbean or even South America).
Much to my surprise (a pleasant one), there are quite a number of them in the British team, which leads me to also check out other teams from other countries. This will be the first installment related to this blog topic.
The aim of this blog entry to highlight these men and women and the fact that they have been able to get to this highly coveted point in their careers as sports men and women. They have worked extremely hard and deserve to be honored, regardless of the actual outcome of their endeavors during the actual games.

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Posted by Oonah on July 12, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to the African Away blog!

My name is Oonah Jaja-Wachuku and I will be the writer of this blog. I thought to introduce myself to everyone out there before we get into the juicy stuff.
Right, I live on the Mediterranean island called Cyprus, in the little harbor city of Kyrenia, I’ve been here for about five years. I’m Nigerian and inspite of all the troubles that seem to plague that country, I still love the place and this creates a lot of exasperation when I see the blatant lack of foresight and general commonsense displayed by the leaders and some of the peoples of that great nation.

The main aim of this blog is to bring interesting, contemporary and pertinent information to the African who is living in Diaspora. Like everyone one of you out there who has left home with its familiar things and people, I like to know what’s going on back there, I like to connect with other Africans of like mind in Diaspora and I like to share ideas. I do hope this blog would be of benefit to you, one way or another.

This blog will cover a lot of life areas, including music, politics, achievements, basically anything that has to do with Africans and Africa, at home or in Diaspora. I have a lot of interests ranging from azonto to zulu dance, from akara to zebras, so this blog should have something for everyone. The blog fully intends to highlight the positive achievements obtained by Africans, at home and in Diaspora, to counter the negative and unbalanced flow of information that floods mainstream media and also to encourage all Africans to represent the continent and their countries wherever they are, in a good light. African Away blog will feature interviews with individuals who have exhibited extraordinary abilities in whatever positive way within their chosen field of endeavor.

All you comments, opinions (positive and negative) are welcome. Even suggestions for topics to be covered are welcome but there is no guarantee that your suggestions will be covered. I look forward to hearing from you!

Viva L’Afrique!!

Posted by admin on January 26, 2012

We've been doing alot of tidying up, bugfixing and the likes in past weeks but we also have new functionality.

The eagle-eyed will notice we've now added the ability to login to Africanaway with other accounts (facebook, twitter, google and yahoo).
In addition, you can connect existing Africanaway accounts to any of those in the edit account section.

We've also added the ability to easily copy business or event information from one city to another (very useful for tours or business branches/chains).

Finally, we now have well over 100 African related businesses and events worldwide listed on our website. Not bad for approximately three weeks work.

Here is a screenshot of the geographical distribution of visits to our website so far

Like the title says, progress.

Posted by admin on December 27, 2011

The first version of African Away is now live.
There will be bugs.
They will be fixed.

Thank you :)
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