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Posted by Oonah on July 12, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to the African Away blog!

My name is Oonah Jaja-Wachuku and I will be the writer of this blog. I thought to introduce myself to everyone out there before we get into the juicy stuff.
Right, I live on the Mediterranean island called Cyprus, in the little harbor city of Kyrenia, I’ve been here for about five years. I’m Nigerian and inspite of all the troubles that seem to plague that country, I still love the place and this creates a lot of exasperation when I see the blatant lack of foresight and general commonsense displayed by the leaders and some of the peoples of that great nation.

The main aim of this blog is to bring interesting, contemporary and pertinent information to the African who is living in Diaspora. Like everyone one of you out there who has left home with its familiar things and people, I like to know what’s going on back there, I like to connect with other Africans of like mind in Diaspora and I like to share ideas. I do hope this blog would be of benefit to you, one way or another.

This blog will cover a lot of life areas, including music, politics, achievements, basically anything that has to do with Africans and Africa, at home or in Diaspora. I have a lot of interests ranging from azonto to zulu dance, from akara to zebras, so this blog should have something for everyone. The blog fully intends to highlight the positive achievements obtained by Africans, at home and in Diaspora, to counter the negative and unbalanced flow of information that floods mainstream media and also to encourage all Africans to represent the continent and their countries wherever they are, in a good light. African Away blog will feature interviews with individuals who have exhibited extraordinary abilities in whatever positive way within their chosen field of endeavor.

All you comments, opinions (positive and negative) are welcome. Even suggestions for topics to be covered are welcome but there is no guarantee that your suggestions will be covered. I look forward to hearing from you!

Viva L’Afrique!!

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