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Posted by Oonah on September 6, 2012

Hi every one!

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Westwood is a highly respected British DJ based in London. He has his own show on which he features only the popular and influential artistes of the day. As a rapper or singer, IF you have not made it on to the Tim Westwood show, you haven’t really arrived on both the UK and international music scene.
Tim Westwood is an institution in the music industry and to appear on his show is a rite of passage for musicians from all over the world.
In this blog edition we are going to highlight 7 Africans who have made it on to his show and shown their skills in free styling sessions.

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Posted by Oonah on September 23, 2012

This interview has us speaking to a Diaspora-African in Ukraine,Osarumen Izevbokun.

A very interesting conversation with some unexpected insights from Osa.We've got loads of laughs as well!!! :)

Viva l'Afrique!!

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