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African businesses worldwide

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Facar Export SPRL

We engage in export activities,especially to West Africa
Rue Heyvaert 40-52,1080 Bruxelles,Belgium

Mokom Auto & Container Export

We export cars,trucks and containers to destinations all over the world
Billwerder Steindamm 26,20537 Hamburg,Germany

EX Links Communication

Information/Communications company
Wandsbeker Charisee 134,22089 Hamburg,Germany

T.C. Call Shop

Internet cafe/Call shop
Kart street 22,74764 Reutlingen,Germany

King's Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe
Linden street 13,72764 Reutlingen,Germany

Commconsult International

Call shop
Charlotten street 44,70182 Stuttgart,Germany

Telecass Gmbh

Call shop/Internet cafe
Loeffel street 5,70597 Stuttgart,Germany

TNS Gmbh

Call shop/Internet cafe
Waldersee street 12,13407 Berlin,Germany

Michou African Restaurant

We serve African food
Karl-Wilhelm street,8am Durlacher Tor,76131 Karlsruhe,Germany

Sawa Village

We serve Cameroonian delicacies
Am Weingarten 14,60487 Frankfurt am Main,Germany