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Zimbabwean sculpture is eons old. Master sculpting skills have been passed from generation to generation over periods spanning thousands of years. Zimbabwean stone sculpture is authentically African b  read more »

Art-Effekt is an Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin based Social Entrepreneurship Venture that aims to build a sustainable business for Shona sculpture artists in Africa.
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About us

Zimbabwean sculpture is eons old. Master sculpting skills have been passed from generation to generation over periods spanning thousands of years. Zimbabwean stone sculpture is authentically African because it is one of the first instances of art in Sub-Saharan Africa that was made for purely aesthetic reasons. Sculptures did not necessarily serve as functional objects; the art was a means for the Shona people to convey the beauty and spirituality of their daily lives. The end result was a piece of exquisite art made purely for the pleasure of the senses and the deeper message it delivered on the status quo.

Now Shona sculpture is widely sought out by the discerning art lovers globally. It represents a modern and evolving Africa that pays homage to its turbulent past and is seeking to actualize itself as an authentic voice on the world stage for the future. Art-Effekt represents a coalition of young artists in Zimbabwe and diaspora at the forefront of this fine art movement.

Semi-abstract sculptures created by artists of the country’s largest ethnic group can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Musee Rodin in Paris, Queen Elizabeth II, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the actor Danny Glover and other discerning art collectors.

The Shona sculptors' work is inspired by their deeply-held spiritual beliefs, folklore and daily life, and have in turn inspired many western artists. It is believed that Pablo Picasso may have been influenced by this art form. While modern in inspiration, their sculptures are created much as they were thousands of years ago. The sculptors use simple chisels to “release” the spirits of the stone.
Who are we?

Art-Effekt is a Netherlands based Social Entrepreneurship Venture that represents a coalition of the best established, as well as the young up and coming master stone masons in Zimbabwe and Diaspora. This is not “tourist art”

As a social entrepreneurship company we believe that every man is ultimately responsible for lifting himself out of poverty. As fellow human beings we can assist by giving him/her the necessary skills and environment to fulfill their potential. Cliché as it sounds, we do not believe in Aid/Charity we believe in setting up viable and sustainable businesses with disadvantaged communities, businesses that can operate competitively on the global market. By doing so we empower people to take control for their lives, their families, communities and ultimately their countries.

What do we do?

Art Effekt sells stone sculptures from Zimbabwe. We also organize and coordinate with galleries and exhibitions around Europe. The aim of Art-Effekt is to be the go-to portal for contemporary African Art.

Why Shona Art (contemporary African Art)?

In Shona sculpture we have found African art that can compete on a global scale. The quality and craftsmanship of every hand-made piece of stone art is testament to the profound artistic skill and creativity found in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. A simple research on Shona art will show how globally renowned many of the artists have become. First and foremost - it is great ART.

The arts scene in Africa is vibrant and producing great works and at Art-Effekt we believe that by marketing this art to a global audience we are able to sell on behalf of the artists at fair rates. This will allow the artists to live off their art and maintain this African tradition that is fast become a world heritage.

The socio-political/economic situation in Zimbabwe has made it very difficult for many artists to achieve renown outside their home countries or to focus on their craft. Low quality works have been dumped onto the market and some at exorbitant prices. At Art-Effekt, the art is coming directly from the sculpting parks in Zimbabwe and shipped to your doorstep. Each piece will come with guarantees from the artist and will be authentic and made to the best artistic standards.

We believe many of our artists will achieve global renown and the art value can only appreciate over time. This means any purchase is also an investment and we will treat your purchase as such.

Africa is the future and the future starts now. We hope to increase awareness on African issues in a fair and unbiased way. Africa is not a place of despair and charity; it is a place of vitality, creativity and hope. By allowing the positive aspects to shine through we are building a better future.

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